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Preventative maintenance is often overlooked as an unneeded service. Preventative maintenance is all things done while the computers are working fine to prevent them from breaking down. Simple things like dusting off the equipment is considered part of preventative maintenance. This alone keeps the equipment from building up a layer of dust that traps heat in and leads to early computer failure. 

Key Benefits

  • Priority response times

  • Monthly inspections included to keep your equipment running

  • 24 hours of maintenance provided for 12 hours cost!

  • Emergency and priority service discounts

  • Single point of contact


Long term relationship
Find new avenues of increased efficiency with continued scanning and  analyzing of your network
Reduce needless damage
Lower the number of service calls by having maintenance done on a periodic basis
Save money
Save 50% off of all work performed

Reference Accounts

A Marketing Company
We provided many hours of service to fix multiple issues. By having a support agreement they were able to save over $3,000! With having an agreement our technicians are able to identify deficient network areas quickly
A Communications Company
They saved more then $1,000 for their small network by signing up for an agreement. Now all problems are identified before they become issues
A Medical Billing Firm
With the large number of customers they have, a backlog in processing claims can quickly cause problems for their customers and themselves. After a lightning strike destroyed their communications equipment they had just that problem. Billing claims started piling up and their billing person was out of touch. Decisive action was needed, so we were brought in to help.
After identifying and repairing the broken fax and related telecommunications equipment, a relieved office manager was able to process the millions of dollars in claims that had built up. Realizing they didn't want this to happen again a proactive approach was taken. A plan was created to allow secure remote access to the data files required for transmitting the billing material.
Within a week all authorized employees could work from home, if needed, and transmit all necessary billing material to Medicaid before a backlog could be created.
To also deal with the single person billing, more employees we hired and thanks to the server adding them into the network was a quick and painless process. The whole system now provides for quick access and processing of claims.


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